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My Blog · 25. Mai 2019
Being a member of the European Union is not an obligation- it's a privilege. Right now it unites 28 Member States that share the joint goal of protecting the peace and freedom, as the security of their citizens. The actual elections for the European Parliament are not just about the protection of the peace, it's also about tolerance, respect, and acceptance of cultural and religious differences. I myself am a big fan of diversity- that's why I love the EU so much. All the Member States that...

My Blog · 18. April 2019
The Easter Feast is just around the corner and the weather couldn't be any better! I am looking forward to spending some precious time with my loved ones and thank's to Saint Peter, we have the chance to spend sooo much time in nature!

My Blog · 14. April 2019
Since I was young it was always my dream to swim with dolphins. When I went to New Zealand in 2015, this dream finally came true.